Pelvic pain

Pelvic painWomen sometimes experience episodes of pelvic pain, which is occasionally severe in intensity and it could cause serious concerns.  In healthy women pelvic pain is often caused by normal ovarian activity during the menstrual cycle.  Ultrasound scan is usually all that is needed to provide women with reassurance that all is well.  In some women, however, pain may be caused by abnormalities such as pelvic adhesions or endometriosis. In the past ultrasound examination was not particularly helpful for the detection of these problems. In recent years; however, with the introduction of high quality equipment and novel examination techniques, adhesions and endometriosis can be diagnosed with a high level of accuracy. The improvements have been particularly significant in the diagnosis of pelvic endometriosis. An ultrasound examination can not only detect its presence, but it can also help to assess its severity. This provides women with valuable information about the available treatment options and assists endometriosis specialists in making decisions about the optimal surgical treatment.