Laboratory Investigations

Laboratory investigationWe are able to take cervical smears which help to prevent cancer by detecting early abnormalities which, if left untreated, could develop into cancer later in woman’s life. The first stage in cervical screening is taking a sample using liquid based cytology (LBC). Our laboratory also provide a more advanced screening model which incorporates testing for High Risk Human Papilloma Virus (HR- HPV).  HPV testing in addition to traditional cervical cytology helps to determine which women need to be referred for further evaluation or treatment.  Women with a negative HPV test are provided with additional reassurance that they are at very low risk of developing cervical abnormalities.

We can also perform infection screens such as testing for Chlamydia and other genital tract infections.

We offer a full range of blood tests, such as hormone profiles, depending on clinical indications. We  can also offer comprehensive testing to women and their partners who experience recurrent early miscarriages or have difficulties becoming pregnant.

All our samples are analysed in The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), which is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic service in the UK.