General Gynaecological Consultations

ConsultationAll our consultants are fully trained in general gynaecology and they run busy clinical services in their NHS hospitals.  They all have extensive experience in looking after women with common gynaecological problems such as menstrual problems and pelvic pain.  In addition to being able to identify the causes, our consultants can also advise on a wide range of the available treatment options.  In women with pelvic tumours it is important to determine whether the swelling is benign or malignant in nature. Malignant tumours require immediate treatment by cancer specialists. In women with benign tumours the choice of treatment depends on women’s symptoms, type of the lesion and the chance of the swelling growing larger in the future.  Our consultants are experienced in the management of all types of benign pelvic swellings and are able to provide women with information and advice to help them to choose between surgical and non-surgical treatment.

In women presenting with bleeding after menopause or irregular bleeding whilst taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) our consultants are trained to identify the cause of bleeding and advise women on the need for additional treatment. They can also provide general advice on HRT and help women to choose preparations, which are safe and are associated with a lower risk of causing irregular bleeding.

All our consultants are experts in managing early pregnancy complications. In women who suffer miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy they can help women to make an informed choice between a non-interventional approach (i.e. pregnancy resolving naturally), medical treatment and surgery.  They can also discuss causes of pregnancy losses, additional investigations and risks of similar problems occurring in the future.  We are also able to provide contraceptive advice to women who wish to postpone or prevent future pregnancies.