Care for couples with fertility problems

Fertility problemsInfertility is becoming increasingly common; as many as one in six couples are likely to experience difficulties in achieving a pregnancy.  There are many causes for this. They include environmental and lifestyle factors such as starting a family later in life.  In women, increasing age is associated with higher risk of both infertility and miscarriage.  Other abnormalities such as hormone imbalance, uterine anomalies and poor sperm quality can also affect couples’ fertility.

The Gynaecology Ultrasound Centre provides a comprehensive range of consultant-led investigations for infertility and reproductive problems which include: female fertility assessment (ovarian reserve and tubal patency), diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, monitored ultrasound cycle (follicle tracking and blood tests), monitoring of superovulation and ovulation induction and male fertility assessment.

We do not provide IVF services but we do provide support to women undergoing IVF in other clinics in the UK and abroad who require pre-treatment ultrasound scans and blood tests.  We are also able to offer other treatments for fertility problems in conjunction with leading UK fertility specialists.